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What makes Virgin Media the best telecom company

in the UK?

Virgin is definitely one of the current leading telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom. Why is that? Because they offer everything what a modern person or a family needs, all in one. The packages include TV channels, Internet, TV, mobile phone offers with the newest devices on offer and landline phone services too. Let’s get to see some of the key offers of Virgin Media this time around.

SuperFibre Internet:

This is one of the strongest aspects of Virgin Media: its exclusive access to the SuperFibre cables which guarantee the best quality and fastest internet throughout the country.

Main TV packages

Player package: GBP 29/month Offering 70 free to air channels, this package is targeting those who like to spend long hours in front of their television playing. That’s why this package also includes a 50 Mbps fibre broadband internet connection that’s at least 4 times faster than the average internet. The Player package also includes unlimited amount of downloads and an exclusive Wi-Fi hub. This package also includes the ability to record, rewind and pause programs, has the 800 GB TiVo box and Netflix ( extra subscription is required)

Fun package

GBP 49/month: This one is targeting families therefore it includes 190+ channels with tons of Kids’ and teenage channels, free to air players, TV recording options, the 500 GB Tivo box, 100 mbps internet ( 8x faster than the average connections) for 5-9 devices and unlimited download with Wi-Fi access.

Full House Sports

GBP 75/month: for the lovers of sports this is a great choice for the sportsmen and women who doesn’t want to miss out on any game.

Full House Movies

GBP 55/month: geared towards the modern youngsters who live alone this pack offers a huge variety of over 245 TV channels of all sorts alongside a 200 Mbps internet connection.


GBP 85/month: Offering 245 channels this package is more geared towards sports and cinema channels with a whopping 200 Mbps internet connection available for 5-9 devices. The package also offers Sky’s movie and sport channels with Netflix. Clients can choose between acquiring a 1TB or a 500 GB TiVo box.


GBP 42/month offering a nice variety of 150 TV channels alongside a 50 Mbps internet connection with unlimited downloads and Wi-Fi.

Full House

GPB 55/month offering a huge variety of TV channels including the channels you can get to find in the Full House TV package and the Fun packages with an additional 50 Mbps internet connection for multiple devices. Naturally unlimited downloads and Wi-Fi is part of the package.

All the enlisted prices are meant with a 12 month contract and they don’t include the installation fees.

All the packages include an access to Virgin’s TiVo box which is a computerized device that helps with the managing of the channels, the recordings and can be timed also to record programs in multiple ways. The mobile and phone offers are offered separately but they can be combined with the TV packages too.