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About the services of DVLA

The driver and vehicle licencing agency which is simply referred to as DVLA is the one and only authority for monitoring the number of vehicles that are in traffic in the country. It is furthermore responsible for issuing the driving licences and all car related papers. Vehicles are all such authorized objects which one can drive on the road starting from motorcycles and ending at large trucks. DVLA is also responsible for crime and safety monitoring on the UK highways. In this chapter we will talk about the basic services of DVLA.

DVLA services:

Paying vehicle taxes: each vehicle holder in the UK are bound to pay a tax depending on the type, age and status of the vehicle they are driving. This is a tax to be paid once a year. Making a SORN: meaning to register a vehicle being an unused off-the road vehicle. This stands for all inactive vehicles which are steadily kept at one place, which can be a drive, a garage or a land.

Arrangement and management of driving licences: it’s this office which deals with the issuing, the re-issuing and closing down driving licences. This includes all the required paperwork management. Reporting of changes in addresses: if a vehicle owner has address change it needs to be reported. MOT management: this is the overall vehicle check every vehicle has to go through in a given period of time. This requires one or more full days and a special licencing agency to examine the vehicle. Viewing or sharing data from a driving licence: if someone wants to check someone else’s driving licence or share it with a third party (job application) then it’s the place to go.

V5C log books and number plate management: log books are a must-have for all the drivers such as the licence plates. Also there’s additional documentation and a list of permissions which the non-commercial vehicle drivers which includes transport vehicles have to have, either they are used for the transporting of people or other products, goods or even cattle. Selling and buying of a vehicle and related documentation: if you buy or sell a vehicle then you will need specific documentation for being able to do so. You can manage all this paperwork through DVLA.

Theory and driving tests: everyone who needs a driving licence has to go through several tests in order to confirm that they are mentally capable to drive a vehicle. The tests differ depending on the type of vehicle.

Medical condition for driving ability: everyone who is to drive have to prove that they are physically fit enough to do so. This is to avoid any dangerous situation which would risk many people’s lives, including the driver’s.

As you can see DVLA is responsible for loads of vehicle related things. And you can find all documentation you need to fill in or send in online on its website. It’s great news that you can arrange most things at DVLA online. Let’s underscore the fact that the documents which concern any sort of theft or other crime and accidents still fall under the responsibility of the police.