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SKY current packages

If you are looking for the history of cable and satellite television then you can hardly find anyone who would have had such an iconic role in the whole process than Sky which is largely considered as the milestone for the first satellite channels available in multiple counties and continents. Still being the UK’s largest television broadcaster with over 11 million subscriptions to its services, Sky was only missing one service that was holding it back compared to its rivals: the mobile phone tariffs and services. But according to the latest news Sky phone is soon being released and with that, Sky can topple the market like never before. Let’s see some of the packages Sky has on offer right now.

The current packages at Sky feature an extremely high number of TV channels. Sky is at a unique place as it’s one of the very few broadcasters who have such a high number of their very own channels. The packages or as they call them, bundles feature a wide variety, according to the sociology and the flavour of the users. Let’s see them a little bit more in depth.

Sky features a wide variety of TV channels including the following categories:

  • HD
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Kids
  • Documentaries
  • Music
  • News
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • International

Now, let’s see what the packages contain:

  • Original package - GBP 20 / month This package contains 270 channels
  • Variety package – GBP 32 / month This package offers 300+ channels An extra 4500+ episodes of kids’ shows
  • Box sets package – GBP 38/ month This package offers 350 + TV channels 350 + Sky Box TV series sets 4500 episodes of kids’ shows

For an extra the client can purchase a Skye Q 1TB that’s a super intelligent device which can arrange, manage your channels, also has a storage space up to 500 hours.

Also for an extra one can purchase the Sky Q multiscreen option which really works to its best potential on extra-large TVS, whereas one can watch multiple things from multiple screens in the same time. This application is also connected with a tablet or a phone. The application also supports steam recordings which are inter-downloadable.

Right now Sky is also offering a free Lenovo Laptop for every one of its new clients and has a draft in which the winners can win either a 4K Ultra HD LG TV or a fre Xbox One S.

Further Sky extras for customers include the following apps which one can use on their gadgets:

  • Sky + : this app is for you to manage your bill, modify your package or purchase extra services
  • Sky Go: watch your TV channels from a laptop or mobile phone and tablet no matter where you are. All you need is internet and logging in and the channels are there for you.
  • Sky Wi-Fi: Sky also offers free Wi-Fi for its clients in the area of the UK
  • Catch up TV: this is an app to record those series or other programs you have missed
  • Sky Atlantic: Sky has a deal with Atlantic Airways and you can collect mileage and win some great presents too.

Check out further offers on the website of Sky.