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The history and current status of British Gas

If you are looking for a British company with a real long history on the market of energy providers, then British Gas definitely stands out from the crowd. The large conglomerate which was originally set up to be in monopoly in the gas business throughout the territory of the country is still among the largest companies in the United Kingdom, despite having its rival companies today.

Brief history:

There is hardly any company which would have a longer history in the energy sector in the area of the United Kingdom.

Originally founded under the name of Gas Light and Coke Company back in 1812 as the very first of its kind in the world. The growing utility company was first an emergency plumber london company but since has consumed most of its smaller rivals during its reign. The business was renamed to become North Thames Gas Board in 1949, becoming part of the country’s 12 regional boards which was also called the Gas Council, which were set up to provide gas and electricity to the residents throughout the country.

Then, in 1972 with the passing of the new Gas Act, all the boards have become merged and the company went on to be called British Gas Corporation from then on. British Gas was solely responsible for the building out and providing gas supply in the area of the country. Then in 1986 all changed up again and the passing of the new Gas Act has made British Gas a private equity, where shareholders govern. Its shares were sold for an overall price of 9 Billion GPB.

In 1997 British Gas became the BG Group which deals with selling, trading, services and retail in connection with energy supplies. Today the corporation is under Centrica which also owns Transco. Apart from that BG Group has its own leadership board. Today British Gas is the energy provider of over 11 million homes in the UK and it trends as Scottish Gas in the Scotland territories. The corporation employs over 30.000 people only in the United Kingdom.

The current situation of the company

Today, British Gas has a completely renewed image and a modern branded website where customers can easily search, make orders and find the best deals. Today, energy saving and renewable energy has become a very important segment of business for the corporation and it offers a nice and growing variety of specialized products on its website. These can also be remotely controlled. Apart from that the company deals with installing, building-out and renovation of energy supplies in the UK.

Today British Gas provides the following services to its customers:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Boilers and central heating
  • Plumbing and drains
  • Renewable energy
  • Home appliances services

British Gas takes part in plenty of charitable events and it’s also been sponsoring several sports teams such as the British Swimming Team and the Southern Football League of England. While the company has had to deal with some recent issues due to its aggressive marketing strategies, it’s still enlisted as one of the top companies in the country.